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Index to the Interlaken and Ovid Newspapers, 1822-1994

In 2006 the Interlaken Historical Society created an index to a variety of newspapers which had been published in either Interlaken or Ovid since 1822. This index to over 76,000 items from the Farmer, Interlaken and Ovid newspapers, alphabetical, in a three-ring binder. At present the only method of getting this manuscript is buy purchasing or borrowing it from a lending library. The actual newspapers can be found on microfilm at a variety of historical societies and libraries in New York.

Newspaper covered:

  • Farmer
    • Saturday Morning Review, 1887-1888
    • Farmer Village Review, 1889-1892
    • The Farmer Review, 1892-1904
  • Interlaken
    • The Interlaken Review, 1904-1964
  • Ovid
    • The Ovid Gazette, 1816-1826
    • The Ovid Bee, 1838-1870
    • Ovid Seneca County Bee, 1870-1873
    • The Ovid Independent, 1873-1900
    • The Gazette and Independent, 1901-1914
    • The Ovid Gazette and Independent, 1914-1934
    • The Ovid Gazette, 1934-1937
    • The Ovid Gazette and Independent, 1937-1967

How to access the index:

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