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Genealogy Updates for 07 March 2023

Genealogy Help “Exploring Family History: Challenging Assumptions and Seeking Truth” is an beginning genealogy article that highlights the importance of questioning assumptions when researching family history. It explains why relying solely on what is already known can lead to incomplete or inaccurate information, and provides insights into the reasons why family histories can be unreliable. AccessGenealogy Genealogy Of The Sharpless Family Five years after the great family bi-centennial reunion held on August 25, 1882, in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Gilbert Cope published his massive volume on the 200 years of Sharpless family ancestry in America, called “Genealogy of the Sharpless family …

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Genealogy Updates for 03 March 2023

AccessGenealogy Alabama Funeral Home Records This page links to known Alabama Funeral Records whether they be available online or offline. Alabama Genealogy 1860 Mortality Schedule for Marengo County, Alabama – page 1-3 Images and transcription for pages 1 through 3 of the 1860 Mortality Schedule for Marengo County, Alabama. Pennsylvania Genealogy Grove Methodist Episcopal Graveyard, Grove, Chester County, Pennsylvania A transcription of the graves at Grove Methodist Episcopal Graveyard in Grove, Pennsylvania. Includes a history of the cemetery. Genealogy Help Blogosphere

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Genealogy Updates for 23 February 2023

This is an almost daily update of new genealogy that can be found online. This is not automated. These are hand-picked articles, databases, news articles, and any other items of genealogical interest that I see on any given day. This list can include significantly updated pages (not just new) and may simply be “new to me” and thus mentioned. Each link may open up genealogy records for millions of people, or just a few records. By far these updates contain free genealogy items, often supported by advertisements, but they may also occasionally consist of genealogical databases that can only be accessed at a cost. Let’s get started with today’s list!