Genealogy Updates for 28 March 2023

This is an almost daily list of newly discovered genealogical resources available online, carefully curated by hand. These resources may include articles, databases, news articles, or any other items related to genealogy that catch my attention or are recommended to me. The list is not limited to newly created pages but may also include pages that have been significantly updated or are simply “new to me.” Each link provided may lead to records for millions of individuals or just a few. Most of the resources on this list are available for free, often supported by advertisements. However, some may require payment to access certain databases. Let’s begin with today’s list from GenealogyUpdate!

Genealogy Help

From Chaos to Clarity

Organizing a large collection of family genealogy materials can be a rewarding task, as you’ll learn more about your family history in the process. Here are some steps to help you sort and organize the binders, manila folders and loose papers effectively:

Assess the materials:
Start by reviewing the contents of each folder to get an overview of what you have. Look for patterns, recurring names, or other key pieces of information that can help guide your organization process.

Create a plan:
Determine your organizational goals, whether it be by generation, family line, or geographic location. You can also use a combination of these approaches. Decide on a color-coding or labeling system that will help you easily identify each category.

Sort and categorize:
Begin sorting the loose papers and records based on your chosen organization method. You may want to create subfolders within each surname folder to separate the materials into distinct categories, such as birth records, marriage records, death records, photos, letters, or other documents.

Label and date:
Label each document or record with the relevant names, dates, and relationships, if not already provided. This will make it easier to find and understand the information in the future. Use archival-safe pens or pencils for labeling to avoid damaging the documents.

Consider scanning or photographing important records and documents to create a digital archive. This will help preserve the information and make it easier to share with family members. Be sure to store digital files in multiple locations, such as on your computer, an external hard drive, and a cloud-based storage service.

Create a family tree:
Use the information you’ve gathered to create a visual family tree. Many online resources and software applications are available to help you design and maintain a digital family tree, such as Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic, or Gramps.

Store materials properly:
Ensure that your physical records are stored in a safe and secure location. Use acid-free, archival-quality materials to protect your documents from damage. Store your folders in a cool, dry, and dark place to prevent deterioration.

Kentucky Genealogy

Lawrence County Kentucky Death Records

In order to find a particular cemetery in Lawrence County, refer to the alphabetical locator list provided. Cemeteries are organized by the last name, and the corresponding volume/book can be found on the right-hand side of the webpage. Each volume is enumerated below. Furthermore, records from Curtright Funeral Home (1927-1972) and Pine Hill Cemetery are accessible. These are all PDF’s.

Lawrence County Kentucky Obituaries

The Lawrence County Library has indexed all of the obituaries found within the Big Sandy News from 1885-2022. Once you’ve located the date and page for the paper, you can access the paper via the newspaper links. The dates that appear in the volumes are not death dates, but the dates the obituary appeared in the Big Sandy News.

    Lawrence County Kentucky Digital Newspapers Archives

    Using a combination of the newspaper images at Chronicling America and those digitized by the Lawrence County Library and Advantage Preservation you can access Lawrence County newspapers from 1885-2022, these should cover all the years for the obituary indexes.

    Lawrence County Kentucky High School Yearbooks

    The Lawrence County Kentucky library is digitizing the high school yearbooks for Lawrence High School, Lawrence County High School, and Blaine Elementary and Blaine High School.