Genealogy Updates for 24 February 2023

This is an almost daily list of newly discovered genealogical resources available online, carefully curated by hand. These resources may include articles, databases, news articles, or any other items related to genealogy that catch my attention or are recommended to me. The list is not limited to newly created pages but may also include pages that have been significantly updated or are simply “new to me.” Each link provided may lead to records for millions of individuals or just a few. Most of the resources on this list are available for free, often supported by advertisements. However, some may require payment to access certain databases. Let’s begin with today’s list from GenealogyUpdate!

Maryland Genealogy

The Citizen soldiers at North Point and Fort McHenry, 1814

The intention behind this volume is to provide a factual and impartial account of the various Divisions, Brigades, Regiments, and Companies, along with the rank of every citizen who served their country on September 12th and 13th, 1814, at North Point and Fort McHenry. The information is taken from original rolls on file in the 3rd auditor’s office of the War Department. Contains information about York, Pa. volunteers, attached to the 5th Maryland infantry, and Hanover, Pa. volunteers, attached to the 39th Maryland infantry.

Pennsylvania Genealogy

Chester County Pennsylvania Genealogy

New information posted to the Chester County Genealogy page. Simply the best resource for your Chester County PA ancestors!

County Government and Archives in Pennsylvania

This digest includes an essay on the general governmental organization of the county, with charts showing graphically the structural and functional evolution of the various offices. This summary facilitates the use and comprehension of the subsequent chapters. Individual essays have been written for each county office with a detailed analysis of its development and operation, and with particular reference to its records. An annotated list of the records which may be found in its files follows each office essay. The amount of this information for each office was limited by practical considerations, (since the archival practices present an almost endless maze of variations from county to county.

Harrisburg Newspaper Index

An index of personal names in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania newspaper announcements of marriages and deaths published during the first quarter of the 1800’s. The four newspapers included are: Dauphin Guardian, Oracle of Dauphin, Harrisburg Chronicle, and Harrisburg Republican. There are a few other types of events indexed, including notice of runaway apprentice and a husband not responsible for his wife’s debts. Inclusive dates are 1799-1827.