Genealogy Updates for 01 March 2023

This is an almost daily list of newly discovered genealogical resources available online, carefully curated by hand. These resources may include articles, databases, news articles, or any other items related to genealogy that catch my attention or are recommended to me. The list is not limited to newly created pages but may also include pages that have been significantly updated or are simply “new to me.” Each link provided may lead to records for millions of individuals or just a few. Most of the resources on this list are available for free, often supported by advertisements. However, some may require payment to access certain databases. Let’s begin with today’s list from GenealogyUpdate!

Illinois Genealogy

Cumberland County History

In 1968 the Cumberland County Historical and Genealogical Society of Illinois decided to commemorate the Sesquicentennial Year of the State of Illinois by creating a history of the county since 1884, which they named “Cumberland County History”. This decision was made after the Battey volume of the history of Cumberland, Jasper, and Richland was published in 1884 and the courthouse burned down in 1885, causing the loss of nearly all county records. Rather than attempting to provide a comprehensive history of all organizations and individuals, the society focused on updating the county’s story from 1884 to 1968. Download or read the book online for free.

Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois. Historical and biographical

The Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois. Historical and biographical is a premier source of first and second hand compiled evidence for the counties of Cumberland, Jasper, and Richland in Illinois. Read or download the manuscript for free.

Franklin County History

This Franklin County History is an attempt to portray the origin and organization of Franklin County, Illinois; the pioneers, their modes of living, social life, their schools and churches, their roads, industries, early towns and villages; the development of the coal industry, the building of the industrial centers and the building of railroads. Download or read the book online for free.


Using to Find Countless Genealogy Resources

By Amy Johnson Crow. There are countless resources you can use for your family history or genealogy research, but they are a little tough to track down. Sometimes only a few copies exist, and some are literally one of a kind. With, you can search more than 10,000 libraries around the world, all at once, to get closer to filling out the branches of your family tree.