Genealogy Updates for 06 March 2023

Colorado Genealogy

Cemetery Research in Denver, Colorado

Locating the burial place of your ancestors in the Denver area may prove challenging due to certain factors. The earliest cemeteries, Mount Prospect and Acacia, have been relocated and their records are no longer available. Furthermore, death records in Denver were not required until 1900 and were not consistently recorded until about 1925. This article will help explain where your ancestor may now lie buried.


  • Packed with Packards
    From the “Barnabi” to E.P.W. Packard, Burkely Hermann writes about the good, bad, and ugly of his Packard lineage, including those involved in enslavement, Indigenous genocide, the slave trade, military service, fighting for the rights of other people, and much more, often building upon the work of those examining their Packard roots. Well written exploration of his Packard roots.