Archdiocese of St Louis Cemeteries

Catholic Cemeteries of the Archdiocese of St. Louis

Catholic dioceses often operate cemeteries within their jurisdiction. The St. Louis archdiocese operates 17 different cemeteries around and in St. Louis.

They provide a burial index on their website which includes complete internment information on 15 of the cemeteries, partial burial information on Glencoe Cemetery, and unfortunately, no burial information on Queen of Peace cemetery (even though the search form enables you to search it). Ancestry has recently added this index to their collection. Users of Ancestry’s Family Trees or FTM may want to use their search, though the results will take you to the Archdiocese website where you will need to search again. The 17 cemeteries are:

  1. Ascension Cemetery
  2. Calvary Cemetery
  3. Glencoe Cemetery
  4. Holy Cross Cemetery
  5. Mt. Olive Cemetery
  6. Our Lady Cemetery
  7. Queen of Peace Cemetery
  8. Resurrection Cemetery
  9. Sacred Heart Cemetery
  10. St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery
  11. St. Ferdinand Cemetery
  12. St. Mary Cemetery
  13. St. Monica Cemetery
  14. St. Vincent Cemetery
  15. St.Peter Cemetery
  16. Ste. Philippine Cemetery
  17. Sts. Peter & Paul Cemetery

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