Kinfolk Korner

Kinfolk Korner

Ramblins from the Web. Sometimes I stumble upon older web pages which haven’t been updated in a long while, but still have a treasure trove of genealogy information on them. I will begin to feature these in order that the useful genealogy they possess can be more widely circulated to other interested genealogists.

Books And Bibles


Washington County, Arkansas

Miami County, Kansas

Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky

Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Jenks, Tulsa County Oklahoma Collection

The Lyle Ann Shults Collections

Creek County Oklahoma Collection

Fayette County, Kentucky Tax List – 1788
Fayette County was, at that time, part of Virginia

The History Of The Cradle Land
By T. H. Kinsella, LL. D., 1921
A History Of Miami County, Kansas (Partial)

Kinfolk Korner holds an eclectic collection of material for specific parts of the web which obviously have a genealogical connection to Susan Strain, it’s creator. It remains as part of the AHGP collection of location specific websites.