Genealogy Updates for 09 March 2023

My apologies for yesterdays missing link for the Somerville, Massachusetts, High School Yearbooks 1892-2016. I have included it today.

This is an almost daily list of newly discovered genealogical resources available online, carefully curated by hand. These resources may include articles, databases, news articles, or any other items related to genealogy that catch my attention or are recommended to me. The list is not limited to newly created pages but may also include pages that have been significantly updated or are simply “new to me.” Each link provided may lead to records for millions of individuals or just a few. Most of the resources on this list are available for free, often supported by advertisements. However, some may require payment to access certain databases. Let’s begin with today’s list from GenealogyUpdate!

10 ways Burial Transit Records can enhance your Genealogy Research

Burial transit records provide a wealth of information for genealogists looking to discover information on their ancestor’s death and burial. By understanding the information found on these records, genealogists can gain valuable insights into the lives of their ancestors.


Somerville, Massachusetts, High School Yearbooks 1892-2016

The Radiator which began publishing in 1891-1892 school year, was initially published by the Somerville Latin and English High School on the third Wednesday of every month during the school year. It’s initial publications during those early years were more literary in style and it wasn’t until 1917 when the publication took on the appearance of a traditional yearbook in the form of The Revocanda with publication of The Radiator taking place separately. One year later, the name of the yearbook was changed to match that of the journal, The Radiator. Even in those early years consists in part with lists of students and class photographs. All of these yearbooks are free to search, read, and/or download.

Brown Genealogy

The first section contains records of Nicholas Browne and his son Thomas, who settled in Lynn, Mass., in 1630. The basis of this genealogy, as in his earlier Brown Genealogy, are the three sons of Thomas Brown and Mary Newhall; viz., Thomas, John, and Eleazer Brown, who came to Stonington, Conn., about 1680, taking fifty-three numbers in regular order as given in his first volume.

The second section takes up Charles Browne and his descendants, who settled in Rowley, Mass., in 1647, and who doubtless came with the early pioneers from 1630 to 1635. Part 2 starts on page 399. it is indexed separately starting on page 598.

This book is free to search, read, and/or download.

Indiana Genealogy

St. James Episcopal Church Parish Registers

These are the three official handwritten parish registers for St. James Episcopal Church in Goshen, Indiana. They cover the almost 100 year period of 1860-1956. The first two parish registers contain the congregation members in no particular order listed as families, all of them have baptisms, confirmations, communicants, marriages, and burials. Each is indexed separately.

Maine Genealogy

Kittery Men & Women in World War II

One of the township “yearbooks” published after the end of World War II was titled “Kittery Men & Women in World War II.” These books contain a roster of the known participants from the county who served in the war, along with brief biographical sketches and photographs of the soldiers, when available. However, as the authors of these publications acknowledge, not everyone was always included in these publications. This book is free to search, read and/or download.