Genealogy Updates for 04 March 2023

This is an almost daily list of newly discovered genealogical resources available online, carefully curated by hand. These resources may include articles, databases, news articles, or any other items related to genealogy that catch my attention or are recommended to me. The list is not limited to newly created pages but may also include pages that have been significantly updated or are simply “new to me.” Each link provided may lead to records for millions of individuals or just a few. Most of the resources on this list are available for free, often supported by advertisements. However, some may require payment to access certain databases. Let’s begin with today’s list from GenealogyUpdate!


Alaska Funeral Home Records

This page links to known Alaska Funeral Records whether they be available online or offline.

Amidon Family

Amidon Family: A Record of the Descendants of Roger Amadowne of Rehoboth, Mass. According to tradition, Roger Amadowne was a French Huguenot who was forced to flee from France after the Edict of Nantes was revoked. He is said to have lived in England for several years before immigrating to America. However, there is no information available about his birth or parentage. Search, read, and/or download this genealogy book for free!

Alabama Genealogy

Alabama Census Records

An extensive deep dive into the available online census records for the State of Alabama including when it was under French, Spanish, and British rule. All records are free to access.

Mooresville Cemetery, Mooresville, Alabama

This is a list of stones left standing in Mooresville cemetery located in Mooresville, near Athens, Alabama in Limestone County. Mooresville is older than the state of Alabama with many of the original buildings left standing including the Post Office, Stagecoach Station and Churches.

Virginia Genealogy

Some Prominent Virginia Families

Some Prominent Virginia Families is a compiled genealogy of prominent families from the state of Virginia, which lists thousands of individuals, including their vital information and background. It contains the biographies, sketches and genealogies, primarily, of the Jaquelin, Cary, Ambler, Smith and Marshall families. Includes the names of approximately 135 allied families. You can search, read, and/or download and of the 4 free volumes.

Engaging Online Treasures

Limestone County, Alabama Archives

Local government archives are an invaluable resource for genealogy research, providing a wealth of information on the history and people of a specific community. These archives contain a variety of records, including birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, land deeds, wills, census records, and even photographs and maps. Many local archives have digitized their records, making it easier for genealogists to access them from anywhere. Visiting a local archive in person can also be a rewarding experience, as you can handle original documents and speak with knowledgeable staff who may be able to provide additional context and insights. With patience and persistence, using local government archives can help genealogists discover new branches of their family tree and gain a deeper understanding of their ancestors’ lives.

  • Master Index
    Every name on every page of nearly every book, file, and photo in the Limestone County Archives is in this searchable index of more than 350,000 entries. Underlined titles will link directly to the document or book in their online documents.
  • Digital Archives
    View their Special Collections and exhibits of historic Limestone County photos, postcards, and documents.
  • The Documents
    The Limestone County Archives has more than 6,000 books and files dating to the county’s beginnings in 1818. Discover the documents located there, including marriages, deeds, wills, court cases, tax records, school census records, and more.
  • In Memory
    This database of nearly 60,000 Limestone County death records compiled from newspaper obituaries, tombstone inscriptions, and funeral programs dating from the 1800s to daily-updated current records.